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  • My elderly mother had lost her appetite after several illnesses and, by the time I found Elizabeth, had lost

        most of her body weight. The care home was not supporting my mother's dietary needs, or doing

        anything to investigate her dramatic weight loss. As Cornwall's NHS dietitians do not undertake home

        visits, I'd been searching for quite some time for a qualified freelance dietitian in Cornwall.  From my first

        phone call onwards, Elizabeth was very knowledgeable and supportive and nothing seemed too much

        trouble. Elizabeth's suggestions and observations were excellent. Unfortunately, I found Elizabeth too

        late, but if your loved one has lost their sense of taste/smell, their appetite, or is losing weight, I'd highly

        recommend Elizabeth without hesitation. In fact, I'd recommend Elizabeth for any nutritional/dietary

        need. would be my first port of call every time and their rates are very fair too. 

       Louise, nutrition support


  • I have more clarity of what I need to do and what I can do. Kathi, weight management


  • Having followed the advice given, I am extremely happy that the results were so positive. John, Diverticular disease and acid reflux


  • I have never felt better since Elizabeth's help. I went from not knowing what I could eat, to knowing exactly what causes my problems! IBS and low FODMAP client


  • Elizabeth provided useful information and advice for me to make the necessary adjustments to my diet.

        She also had a number of relevant printouts for me, which are proving very useful. Elizabeth was good at

        answering my questions and at listening to my queries. Thank you! Kirtsy, iron deficiency


  • You provided a good service and were also available to contact by email.  You also explained the FODMAP diet very clearly. Penny


  • Really good to have practical suggestions for diet changes, tailor made for each individual. Lots of helpful literature including meal planning and portion control. Great to have the guidance of a qualified dietitian. Jen


  • Having been a long time vegetarian and in recent years stopped eating gluten and dairy due to health issues, I had long wanted to consult a dietitian to ensure that my diet is providing all that I need to remain healthy. Elizabeth has proved to be very helpful and I found her easy to talk to. Ruth


  • Friendly and positive service, and she is professional when listening to her client's needs. Alice,         Gastro-oespophageal reflux disease


  • Thank you for your advice on weight loss and healthy eating for my client who has learning disabilities. Your useful and considered advice, generously given. Support Worker


  • If there's hope for me, there's hope for anyone..!  I have been overweight - seriously overweight, since I was 3 years old and next year will be my 70th birthday.  I know for sure that I have/have had a  

        relationship with food - but that's another story. It was the diagnosis of diabetes type 2 - the idea of  

        medication for life (for diabetes, raised blood pressure and cholesterol), that forced me into action. I knew          

        that I needed someone at my side (I'm not a groupie, so any idea of joining something and having large

        numbers of people cheering me on (or not!) I knew would bring out the mule in me), but where could  

        I get such help - I was completely clueless? One of the books I'd read about diabetes and diet talked  

        about nutritional therapists - so I researched who was available in the area and took myself off there.  It  

       was interesting until I discovered that this part of the industry isn't regulated and that one of the main      

       agendas is supplements.


       And so, as I'm a bit anti agenda - I carried on my research which eventually led me to try and find a

       Registered Dietitian (the only professionals in the field of nutrition who are 'statutorily regulated' - and so

       governed by law and an ethical code of practice is in place to ensure that work is carried out to the

       highest possible standard). As in many issues in life, it is the people that count i.e. finding that person who    

       is right for you and I was lucky enough to arrive at the door of a properly qualified Registered Dietitian in  

       the shape of Elizabeth (Eat Health). After the initial weigh-in and discussion about my eating habits, and          

       arming me with a daily calorie count split into portions that ensure that each day is at a nutritionally

       optimum level, my life has completely changed. I have started to prioritise myself and to care

       passionately not just how much I eat, but exactly what I eat.  And in every step of this, considering

       diabetes and the glycaemic load as an integral part.


      And it didn't stop there, as Elizabeth is entirely holistic in her approach and has enthusiastically taken on    

      the barrage of questions I have thrown at her, giving advice and signposting on anything and everything    

      raised - her answers, thoughts and suggestions always based on sound and trustworthy scientific



      I cannot tell you exactly why this is working for me - but it is, and in the last year or so my weight has  

      dropped from over 18 stone to 14.5 stone. My doctor has halved my medication as blood sugar levels,

      blood pressure and cholesterol are all massively reducing.


      Elizabeth has also supported my husband. Two years ago my husband was diagnosed with prostate

      cancer. We are now holistically trying to help his future in every way i.e. diet, exercise, support etc.  He

      visited Elizabeth twice,  and now, as ongoing support, shares anything that I learn, but appropriate to him -  

      of which,  actually, there is so  much related to helping in the fight against cancer. Myni Tilley


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