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  • After years of not getting anywhere with my doctors and seeking medical attention for my thyroid and hormonal imbalances, including PCOS and hypothyroidism, I sought out the advice from a local dietitian. I researched Elizabeth on the web and knew that she would be able to help put things back in order for me. After years of misusing my body and filling it with the incorrect nutrients and foods I was positive that seeking help and making a better plan would have a beneficial impact on my health; hopefully in turn be able to undo some of the damage I had done whilst at University and through bad lifestyle choices.


        Eat Health has given me the confidence and focus I need to directly tackle my diet. Working with  

        Elizabeth I was able to place together a proper diet plan along with lifestyle changes including exercise

        and food diaries. She has a variety of resources at hand to help, and studying your diet and the  

        impact it can have really helps push you into making the changes you need to.


        Since working with Elizabeth I can now take pride in what I eat. I look at food as a fuel and can really  

        see the effect of the good and the bad. My digestive issues are gone, my hair has returned to normal and    

        I feel less tired. I’m also hoping to come off some of my medication as the changes are having a positive

        impact on my insulin levels.


        Its really hard to point out to yourself the damage you can be doing, but seeking help really outlined

        what changes I could make for the better. Elizabeth is non-judging, friendly and approachable, and very  

        experienced she outlines exactly what you need to do to move forward positively. I would highly  

        recommend her services if you are struggling with a variety of disorders. Gut health is the key to many

        problems and putting this at the forefront of your shopping list can only help overcome a series of  

        medical issues. Polycystic ovary syndome and hypothyroidism



  • I have more clarity of what I need to do and what I can do. Kathi, weight management


  • Having followed the advice given, I am extremely happy that the results were so positive. John,  

        diverticular disease and acid reflux


  • I have never felt better since Elizabeth's help. I went from not knowing what I could eat, to knowing exactly what causes my problems! IBS and low FODMAP


  • Elizabeth provided useful information and advice for me to make the necessary adjustments to my diet.

        She also had a number of relevant printouts for me, which are proving very useful. Elizabeth was good at

        answering my questions and at listening to my queries. Thank you! Kirtsy, iron deficiency


  • You provided a good service and were also available to contact by email.  You also explained the FODMAP diet very clearly. Penny


  • It has made a big difference. We both thought we ate quite a varied diet, but after doing the food diaries, realised that we could do a lot more to meet a balanced diet. I have started eating more carbohydrates and religiously have breakfast each morning which has improved my general tiredness. My partner has cut down on his alcohol consumption - he needed an independent to tell him that and the wheel of alcohol really helped in showing how unhealthy it was for him. All the information you provided was really helpful and great that we have it there to look back on and check. I have stopped taking my thyroid tablets and hopefully that will also help with the weight. Weight management and high cholestrol


  • Really good to have practical suggestions for diet changes, tailor made for each individual. Lots of helpful literature including meal planning and portion control. Great to have the guidance of a qualified dietitian. Jen


  • Having been a long time vegetarian and in recent years stopped eating gluten and dairy due to health issues, I had long wanted to consult a dietitian to ensure that my diet is providing all that I need to remain healthy. Elizabeth has proved to be very helpful and I found her easy to talk to. Ruth


  • Friendly and positive service, and she is professional when listening to her client's needs. Alice,         Gastro-oespophageal reflux disease


  • My elderly mother had lost her appetite after several illnesses and, by the time I found Elizabeth, had lost

        most of her body weight. The care home was not supporting my mother's dietary needs, or doing

        anything to investigate her dramatic weight loss. As Cornwall's NHS dietitians do not undertake home

        visits, I'd been searching for quite some time for a qualified freelance dietitian in Cornwall.  From my first

        phone call onwards, Elizabeth was very knowledgeable and supportive and nothing seemed too much

        trouble. Elizabeth's suggestions and observations were excellent. Unfortunately, I found Elizabeth too

        late, but if your loved one has lost their sense of taste/smell, their appetite, or is losing weight, I'd highly

        recommend Elizabeth without hesitation. In fact, I'd recommend Elizabeth for any nutritional/dietary

        need. would be my first port of call every time and their rates are very fair too.

        Louise, nutrition support


  • Thank you for your advice on weight loss and healthy eating for my client who has learning disabilities. Your useful and considered advice, generously given. Support Worker



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