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Registered Dietitian

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Covid 19/Coronavirus gesture of good will


If you have been financially affected by Covid 19/Coronavirus and honesty find the support too expensive, please say. Elizabeth is happy to help and will offer a discount on all her consultations.


Dietary support from Eat Health


Are you concerned that your diet is not nutritionally balanced, that you may be lacking in a particular nutrient, or confused how to eat well with a medical condition or identified food intolerance/s? Elizabeth as a Registered Dietitian can check through your diet, address your nutritional concerns, and provide guidance about what and how to make appropriate dietary and other lifestyle changes.


The support costs between £80 and £120, depending upon the level of support you choose to receive.







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For £80 you will receive:


Consultation one: Further information will be gathered about any medical condition/s, your diet and eating habits, and your lifestyle. This is to ensure that the support given is personal to you, and the most appropriate.


Consultation two: About 2 to 4 weeks after the first consultation you will receive spoken and written guidance about dietary and other lifestyle changes to make, and how to make the changes. These two consultations costs £80 and will enable you to make appropriate adjustments to your diet and lifestyle.




Consultation three: If you choose to pay the higher amount of £120, there is a further consultation. We will meet several weeks or months later to check progress with making the changes and to answer any further queries. This consultation is especially useful if your dietary concern is complex and you are struggling with making the recommended changes. You can add on more consultations if you would like further support.



Dietary programmes


Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Dietary treatment for IBS is very individual with people reacting to different foods and in different ways. For some making particular dietary and other lifestyle changes may be sufficient to improve symptoms, and it is recommended to try these first before starting the low FODMAP diet, which is more intense treatment.  


Two levels of support are provided:


Stage one: healthy dietary and lifestyle for IBS. This includes two consultations over about a month costing £80.


Stage two: the low FODMAP diet. If symptoms are not improved with dietary and lifestyle changes, following the low FODMAP diet may be beneficial. This is where particular carbohydrate foods are taken out of your diet for about six weeks, and then re-introduced one by one to test for tolerance. Ongoing support will be given to guide you through the three stages of this exclusion diet, which takes about four months to complete. Guide books from Kings College London, the leading UK researchers of the diet, are given.  If you decide to follow the low FODMAP diet a further £170 is required at the second consultation or you can pay in instalments over four months costing slightly more at £200.


Started low FODMAP diet?


If you have already started the low FODMAP diet, but are worried that you are not following correctly or are confused about how to reintroduce FODMAPs, Elizabeth can guide you through the diet. £170 in advance or £200 if paid in instalments over about four months.



Weight Loss: moving away from dieting to lifestyle change


One-to-one support enables you to discuss openly your concerns about your eating and weight. The aim is to promote lifestyle change to improve your nutrition and health, feel better about yourself, and lose weight in a healthy, gradual and sustainable way.


Elizabeth will help you to:


  • Shift your mindset away from dieting with its rigid rules and restrictions, and its associated feelings of guilt and shame. Elizabeth will not give you another diet to follow, but will support you to make goals around your eating and activity to help you achieve sustainable change.


  • Eat healthily to improve your nutrition for long term health. The focus is upon building a balanced, nutritious approach to your eating, but also to enable you to continue to eat for pleasure.


  • Build physical activity into your life to be enjoyable and a way of life rather than as a chore and something done short term.


  • Moving beyond a sole focus on body weight and weight loss to considering how changes to your eating and lifestyle can have other personal gains, such as improved sleep, increased self-confidence, healthier looking skin, and greater energy levels.


Support starts from £120 and includes three 60 minute consultations. If you would like longer term support you can add on more consultations. These can either be 30 minute (£30) or 60 minute (£40) consultations.









Discount for couples 


If you are a couple and are both receiving support at the same time you will be offered a 50% discount for one of you. There is a choice of sharing consultations or having them separate.



Refer a friend


If you refer a friend you will both be offered a 10% discount. You will be seen separately and confidentially. Booking is required at the same time for this discount.



Payment policy  


Non-refundable deposit You are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of £30 to secure your booking and within 3 working days of making the booking. This is to cover the costs of preparing for your consultation. At your first consultation the deposit will be deducted from your consultation fee. If you decide to cancel your support the deposit will not be refundable.


Consultation/s fee  You are required to pay in full for all your booked consultation/s at your first consultation either by cash, cheque or bank transfer (if by bank transfer within 3 working days of your first consultation). For the special programmes you can pay in instalments where part payment is required at the first consultation. If you have private medical insurance, the reference number and the full details need to be provided at the first consultation.